10 Home Decor Items To Make Your Personal Space More Gorgeous

Decorating a home is fun and there is no actual hard work involved. Even if you don’t get what you expected, it’s not the end of the world. You can change trends, statements, and the decor of your home. Here we have assembled 10 ethical home decor items from Etsy, that will enhance the look and feel of your home.


1. Handcrafted Jute Pendant Light

Here is a perfect, ethical home decor piece that will add to your modern boho home decor. This pendant light is made with 100% organic jute woven onto a sturdy metal frame. It is handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans with century-old artisan techniques passed down from generation to generation.

home decor items on etsy
Handcrafted Jute Pendant Light ($103.49)


2. Green Leaves Macrame Wall Hanging

This lovely green leaves macrame wall hanging is a work of art that will usher in good luck & vibrant vibes to your living space. This handwoven macramé wall hanging is made from a nature-friendly cotton cord by Nahn, a lovely wife and mother of 2.

home decor items on etsy macrame wall hanging
Green Leaves Macrame Wall Hanging($27.93)


3. Wooden Rainbow

A promising piece for a true minimalist, add this wooden rainbow to your baby’s nursery, living room, or desk for that perfect Pinterest-y decor. This hand-cut wooden rainbow artifact is made from lightweight aspen lumber, using non-toxic paint and stain, making it truly good for your home & the planet.

home decor items on etsy baby room decor rainbow plaque
Wooden Rainbow ($39.95)


4. Moroccan Style Glass Lanterns

Do you wanna make your room extra special? These Moroccan-style glass lanterns will lighten up anything from your room, or patio, to even your mood. These gorgeous lanterns are ethically handmade in Rajasthan, India with all the high-quality primal materials sourced from local vendors. The lanterns come in rich and lustrous colors and are available in a range of sizes to match the color scheme of any space.

home decor items on etsy
Moroccan Style Glass Lanterns ($23.99+)


5. Handmade Felt Wool Planter

If you think these are made of clay, look again! These cutesy wool planters are hand-felted by a community of fair trade artisans from Nepal, making it a purchase that will truly make a difference. Made with 100% hypo-allergenic, and AZO-free dyes, consider them as a decoration gift or a perfect addition to a cozy corner.

home decor items on etsy hand felt wool planter
Handmade Felt Wool Planter Decor ($27.92)


6. Animal Print Pillar Candles

Truly, an unusual table decor, this fair trade animal print candle is something super special. Each candle is handmade by expert candle-makers in the mountain Kingdom of Swaziland in Southern Africa, using an ancient technique called ‘millifiore‘ – a technique that involves making unique decorative patterns on glassware. Interesting fact ahead!

home decor items on etsy animal print candle
Fair Trade African Leopard Print Candles ($9.11)

When these candles burn down the middle, they give the wall of your house a beautiful glow through the pattern. That’s because they are made from two types of wax, and the external wax wall has beautiful patterns on it. Try them out & thank us later!


7. Spring Yellows

Spring is here, how about adding some vibrant yellows to your home decor! This handmade ethical home decor piece will remind you of spring whenever you look at it. This ‘one of a kind dome’ with its beautiful Peruvian butterflies can liven up any work desk, nightstand, or bedside table. You can also get creative and add more charm to this home decor item by decorating fairy lights on it.

home decor items on etsy
Spring Yellows ($292.97)


8. Tapestry Ombre Mandala

Mandala hangings are known to amplify meditative spaces and this 100% cotton tapestry has just the right symbolism to work. The gold color reflects light and makes the ground below it glow, while the white fabric brings in freshness & ushers in peace. Add this behind your work desk or your meditation corner to bring in concentration & focus.

mandala wall hanging home decor items on etsy
Tapestry Ombre Mandala In White Gold ($24.15)


9. Handmade Basket Wall Decor Set

This set of 9 round wicker handmade baskets is made up of Rattan, bamboo, sedge fiber, jute is a beautiful piece of excellent craftsmanship. Ideal for creating an Etsy-friendly boho space, these will make a lovely housewarming present or a gift for your eco-friendly pal.

home decor items on etsy
Set of 9 Basket Wall Decor ($104.99)

10. Pink Bag Glass Vase

Behold, for this one, is a true beauty – a 100% hand-blown glass vase uniquely designed with the Japanese cheery flower concept. Add them to your living room, or pick them as formal centerpieces, this little piece of exquisite perfection belongs to your Instagram feed.

cute home decor items on etsy
Pink Bag Glass Vase ($39.99)


We hope you’ve enjoyed our consciously curated list of ethical home decor items. We’re proud of the makers behind these sustainable home products who take great care to source their materials ethically, design them sustainably and aim for the highest quality in their aesthetics. If you’re looking to furnish your space with ethically sourced home decor items, these ones will surely leave a caring footprint.